Get off the Shoreline

Written by Pastor Mark Driskill
October 13, 2011

Read Ephesians 3:14-19

Read Ephesians 3:14-19

“…that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints…”

The love of Christ is four dimensional. It is greater than any other love could ever be.  In fact Paul prays that we will have the strength to comprehend, together with all the saints, the love of Christ’s in all its dimensions. His love is so great it cannot be fully grasped by any one of us.

It takes all of God’s people together to fully explore it. Imagine being on a large unexplored island with 100 other people. Imagine that you all decide you need to explore the territory in order to survive. Imagine now that one person decides to explore it all alone. Or imagine that you all decide to go exploring but some stay back and sunbathe while the rest go brave the unknown terrain. How foolish both choices would be. Yet so many in our churches today have taken one of these two approaches to their own spiritual growth.

So many in the church make one of two mistakes. Some set out on their own to learn of Christ and his love and never allow themselves to learn from anyone else. They assume the little bit they have learned is all there is. They spend their days living in a small glass bubble of religious pride because they think they know all that can be known of Christ and his love.

The other mistake is just as deadly. Many today sit on the beach of salvation and never explore at all. They are totally dependent on what others have experienced of Christ and never set out to find anything of Christ on their own. They would rather sit on the outer shore of redemption and guard the supplies while the rest of us do the hard work of growing and learning. Then they mooch off of those who have paid the price to know Christ more deeply. They live in a delusion of security feeding off of the Christianity of others and never discover his love for themselves.

Oh friend, Paul tells us to link arms together with our brothers and sisters in Christ and explore the island of Christ’s amazing love. His love has a height that is higher, a width that is greater, a depth that is deeper, and a length that goes beyond any love we can drum up on our own. You could live a million lifetimes and still never exhaust the supply of his amazing love.

Friend, are you still sitting on the shoreline of salvation? Are you becoming bored and listless in your faith? Then set out on a journey with the people of God and determine to grow in love and faith. Dig deeper into the word and prayer. Step out and do something you have never done that will require a greater faith than you have needed before. Go deeper into the love of Christ. You will be glad you did. Get off the shoreline and find more of God.

Pastor Mark Driskill
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