My WOW thoughts on the past 12 weeks

Written By: Lorna Holcombe

Do you ever know God’s will? The real answer is no not totally but we have to take steps. Twelve weeks ago about Twelve folks took this huge step of faith. As a group we stepped up to New Beginnings Church with God leading us. As I look over the last few months now. Its a ride I am thankful to be part of. I want to share part of what God has done and is doing in Pickens.

First of all we have had Four people accept Christ as Savior and Lord of their life and Seven folks have been baptized. Wow God! Next as a small church we decided we should share with others so we started to support the feeding of children on weekend thru a backpack ministry. Yes that was faith in God. We are a new church with a small amount of tithes. He is faithful!

Next we had a man decide that mission is on his mind and serving others. He asked the pastor. This week a group of 3 men and 3 young teens went to cut the grass of 2 families who do not even attend our church. God blessed 2 families! One of the men were on vacation and gave his time freely. Wow!

This week we have a teen who heard of a mission trip and decided she would save her money and go. She couldve taken a nice summer trip at the beach or somewhere. She doesnt know the folks she will be spending a week with but is determined God is telling her to go. WOW! God takes us out of our comfort zone and uses us even with all our weaknesses and faults.

Each week we have a group of twelve volunteers who give up part of their Saturday evening to set up a church. That means going into the rec building and unloading the COW.. (Church On Wheels) and set up the chairs, sound, hospitality and everything needed to welcome whoever God sends our way each Sunday. This group is amazing! Every Saturday… .who wants to give up each Saturday evening?!? WOW we have twelve who do!!!

We also have a man who God called to come and leave his own home church (where his wife and children still worship) and come to lead our music. Every week he practices and prepares for our service. Each week we are blessed! WOW! He doesn’t even worship with his family so Pickens folks may come to know the Lord!

The last few Sundays we have a lady who feeds each of us volunteers. She gives of her time and money to make sure we are taken care of. Mostly gives of her sleeping time I beleive! Wow! Thats love for others! WOW!

We have a small group of people who have come to love each other and love the community of Pickens. Each week our pastor, Stewart Hendricks, prepares what God lays on his heart to preach. He shares and each of these 12 weeks we have seen God doing wonderful things all because a few took the chance called walking in FAITH!!!

What a blessed ride we are all on and I sure am glad God called my family to step forward leaving behind folks we hold dear in our hearts and come home to Pickens to reach our own community. WOW! I know if we continue to let God lead us and… open our small ears to him, let him lead and take that step of faith HE WILL CONTINUE TO DO MIGHTY THINGS IN PICKENS! I thank my father for allowing me to have that faith and go as a family. I am in total awe of the last few months and where he has us! WOW is all I can say today as I humbly sit and ponder what HE HAS DONE! Weak as we are and so imperfect HE will still use us to win lost souls if we step in faith.


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